Sedona has so much for residents and visitors to enjoy, especially when it comes to art. If you are an artist yourself or you just appreciate its beauty, Sedona has something for you. In fact, its history is rich in art! 


According to an article on the Visit Sedona site, Native American artists created art in the rocks of Sedona. You can see various artifacts and drawings made by past Native American groups all around the area!

Visit Sedona also points out that photos of Sedona (taken by Maj. John W. Powell) helped jumpstart the National Parks System when he took the pictures to D.C. (CLICK HERE to read the story). Sedona's beauty cannot be ignored, and thanks to artists like Maj. Powell, many more people can enjoy it!

Sedona's artistic mark doesn't end with its history - it continues on today. With various art galleries and art shows, residents and tourists can enjoy all the unique and talented art that Sedona boasts. 


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