Hiking is a must in Sedona! With over 100 trails and several beautiful landmarks, it's something  you can't miss! 



Hiking in Sedona

Whether you've never hiked in your life, or you're an avid, regular hiker, there are several different trails for everyone and every skill level. 

If you want a someone to take you on the different trails, there are several that can show you all the amazing secrets this Arizona town has. CLICK HERE for more info on hiking guides.

 If you like hiking without a personal tour guide, there's a Sedona Hiking app that can help guide you to the trail heads. This app also gives you all the information you'll need on different hikes, such as difficulty, time it takes to hike it, and descriptions of what you'll see on the trail. It's basically a virtual tour guide! CLICK HERE for more information on this app. 


 If you'd like to become your own Lewis and Clark by exploring the terrain on your own, check out these top 10 hikes to do in Sedona. Who needs a tour guide anyway (virtual or personal)? CLICK HERE for the list.



Why You Should Hike

Here's just a brief explanation of why you should hike. LiveHealthy did a break down on how your body responds to being out in nature after a certain amount of time.

  • After 5 minutes: You're self-esteem and mood increase as you exercise outside (according to Environmental Science and Technology).
  • After 10 minutes: You have a greater ability to focus (according to a study from the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago).
  • After 20 minutes: You have more energy and vitality (according to the University of Rochester).
  • After 30 minutes: Your happiness improves, symptoms of depression decrease, and blood pressure falls (according to Scientific Reports).
  • After 90 minutes: "Blood flow to your subgenual prefrontal cortex - an area of the brain involved in negative thoughts - is reduced," Greg Bratman, a research fellow at Stanford University's Center for Conservation Biology said.



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