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Looking to buy a house in Northern Arizona? Looking for a safe, quiet place with great weather? Camp Verde is the place for you. Camp Verde is a small, friendly town where people still talk to their neighbors and no one minds leaving the door unlocked. Being located in the middle of Verde Valley, almost exactly in the middle of Phoenix and Flagstaff, residents enjoy a pleasant, 4-season climate with cool summers (especially when compared to Phoenix), and mild winters (especially when compared to Flagstaff). Small farms dot the landscape, waterways run up against riverfront properties, and stunning mountains dominate the skyline. Camp Verde offers kayaking, wine tasting, hiking, and the Cliff Castle Casino, and it’s surrounded by all the great features of the Verde Valley. You’ll even spot the occasional bald eagle, beaver or otter.  If that all sounds too good to be true, listen to what the people living there have to say: “Camp Verde is Arizona’s best-kept little secret.”

The houses of Camp Verde are come in an amazing variety. Beautiful houses are listed for under $100,000, while multiple-acre farm homes start at $350,000. Whatever your size, style or price range, Camp Verde can provide.

Camp Verde is also home to a large number of events, festivals and attractions. It is well known for its annual corn festival in July, but it also has the Fort Verde Days in October, the Pecan, Wine and Antiques Festival in February, and the Crawdad Festival in June. And don’t forget the Fort Verde State Historic Park, the Montezuma Castle National Monument, or the Out of Africa Wildlife Park!

Camp Verde is the place to purchase a home, and now is a great time to buy. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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